Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chipotle Paris...A Dream Realized...with Pictures

Those who know me know that I have an unhealthy obsession with Chipotle.  OK.  Maybe a healthy one.  There have been times in my life that I wouldn't go 7 days without at least guac and chips, but most likely a carnitas burrito bowl.  I credit Chipotle with the fact that my kids are smart since I ate so many good fats in the form of lots and lots and lots of guac when I was pregnant.  

Today Chipotle opened in Paris, my current city of residence.  I have been waiting for this since before we even left VA.  I've badgered Corporate, and I'm sure Rusty and Joe at @ChipotleTweets would like me to take a long vacation.  But it was all worth it.  

Today I picked up Cousin Joey at CDG and headed into the city for our first taste of what I consider the best American "convenience" food (I refuse to say "fast") to be exported to France.  I was not disappointed.  

This was taken from the car.  I'm pretty sure I almost shed a tear.  Can we safely say that white shirts and dark denim are in this season?
Hey look!  A line!  This is so unusual for Paris!
That guys' hair is almost as awesome as the fact that I'm about to get a burrito bowl in Paris.  Oops.  I meant an Assiette de Burrito.
Our take.  The prerequisite carnitas burrito bowl for me, guac and chips and three carnitas soft tacos for the Cuz.  And Bohemia.  I should mention that my cousin lives somewhere you can't drink beer.  The horror!  The carnitas were spot on, and the salsas and guac had the right amount of kick.  No need at all for the Tabasco.  And there is something about the flaked salt they use on the chips that makes them irresistible.
The view from the upper floor eating area.
The typical Chipotle stark iron and concrete design.  Done well.
A view of the eating area.  A large space with not a huge amount of seating.  But it seemed to work well.  There were spaces for large groups, and it didn't seem cramped.  The window seats look out onto the hustle and bustle of Boulevard Montmartre.
That's right!  Chipotle is in France.  Woo hoo!
I love the menu.  For something so American to now be translated into French using French ingredients in just lovely.  Though I think my husband is going to have something to say about the lack of the traditional white rice.  I thought the brown rice was pretty good though. 
The crew was just amazing today.  They have a number of London "ringers" in to train the local crew and they were perfect.  Excellent customer service in both French and English.  If they can train the Paris team to their standards it will be fantastic.
Goodbye my new friend Chipotle Paris.  I look forward to seeing you often.  Perhaps tomorrow for lunch?
I was lucky enough to meet and chat with the manager, who seems like a great guy.  This was a big move for Chipotle.  The clientele seemed to be at least 90% local, so the word must be getting out that Chipotle has quality food, served quickly.  I wish the best to Damon and his crew. you think I could convince them to open one in my neighborhood???

Chipotle Paris
20 Boulevard Montmartre 75009
Open 7/7 11h00-22h00
Metro Richelieu Drouot on the 8 or 9 
Or by Bus on the 20, 39, 48, 67, 74 or 85
(Seriously people...with that many ways to get to Chipotle what is your excuse?!!)


YES I AM YELLING! Waiting in line now...let's hope it's good!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Chipotle London & Almost Paris

Rusty of @ChipotleTweets has confirmed today that the Grand Opening of the first (of hopefully many) Paris locations is a go for the 24th of May. That's next week! I couldn't wait though, and while in London we hit The Charing Cross location. The food was WONDERFUL, and Chris the Chipotle Guy even sat down with us for a chat. I love my carnitas, and I can't wait to have a nice bowl covered in medium salsa next week in my 'hood!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak was a big part of my childhood.  I loved all of his stories, and used to sing Carole King's Really Rosie songs until my Dad probably wanted to tear his hear out.  I've even got them in iTunes now and have brainwashed my children.  Right now One Was Johnny is playing in my head.  

A funny thing happened yesterday morning.  My kids have something called a Little Touch LeapPad that they used to love to play with before we moved to Paris.  However when we unpacked it last September the batteries were dead.  I never managed to get around to replacing them.  (I believe it was # 8,943rd on my To Do List.  I just completed # 227.)  While I was sitting in the playroom yesterday morning I suddenly decided I was going to pull it out and change the batteries.  When I did, I noticed the book Where the Wild Things Are was on it.  
I felt warm and happy for just a moment, and had a few Happy Thoughts for the man who created so many things I love.

Later in the day I learned of his death.  

I got goosebumps.  I don't think I'll know what possessed me to pick up the LeapPad yesterday, but I'm sure glad I did.  

Rest In Peace Maurice Sendak.