Thursday, July 28, 2011


We miss TV.  A lot.  We've let the kids watch some Sesame Street and Thomas DVD's on the laptop, but there is something about watching your favorite shows on something that you don't have to sit 12 inches from.

Our neighbor downstairs moved out a week ago, and we've been benefitting from the pantry items, paper towel holder, small radio, craft paper, and other random things they put up for grabs in the lobby.  They were the ones that offered us access to their WiFi that worked in half our apartment, in the rooms we actually live in.  (We miss them.)  We ran into them the day before they were leaving, and the Dad told us that he had a TV he was planning on giving us.  We're like, "Wow!  A TV!  Even if we don't have cable our prayers will be answered as the kids will have somewhere to watch DVD's until we move to our new place at the end of August!  Woo hoo!" 

We were very happy to see the TV at our door the next morning.  He had placed a sign on it that read, "Just wanted to ask, if possible, to pass on the TV to my colleague moving into our apartment in two weeks.  If not, don't worry about it."  Um.  OK.  So you're basically telling us you told your friend that we were going to give him the TV when he got here and we'll be jerks if we don't show up with the TV.  So we have a TV for two weeks.  Guess it's better than nothing!

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