Friday, July 1, 2011

We Depart!

So 7ish hours on an airplane with a 51/2 year old and 31/2 year old sounds like heaven, right?  It turned out pretty OK.  The kids both watched Finding Nemo and Rango.  (Rango is really not a kids movie by the way.)  The Boy was great, but The Girl was her usual surly self, with extra surliness brought on by lack of sleep.  She fell asleep face first on her seat, legs hanging off the front 20 minutes before landing.  Thanks.  We then had to re-wicker how we were going to get 8 carry-on bags (not kidding), and a sleeping child off the plane.  It worked, and we then put The Girl whining into the brand new stroller with the now wobbly wheel (thanks United) and headed off to collect our 8 checked bags (also not kidding.)

Nothing was missing (woo hoo) and once we connected with our ride, we were off and running.  The kids were drooling in the car after 5 minutes.  (Evidently The Husband was too...he was in a cab following behind.)  We arrived at our temporary apartment, put the kids down for a 4 hour nap, and un-packed everything.  That is a good feeling.  We'll be here until the end of August, so might as well make it as homey as possible.

We had a few minor casualties, most because I refused to leave all my open toiletries behind.  (Darn it!  Aveda hairspray is expensive!)  Just a few toys with missing paint, and a few wet Tintin books.  Our Rabbit wine opener box was crushed (you didn't think for a minute we were moving to Paris without a wine opener), as was the recipe box I received as a wedding shower gift.  I might just live with it broken for a while.  That's a tough one to part with.  Just wait until we see how many things were broken in our household goods shipment!  Woo hoo!  That's always fun!

Reality check time?  We live in Paris now.  Crazy.  Especially considering just a few short weeks ago we weren't sure it was going to happen.

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