Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Boots

So since it's the third day of réentrée (when we all drop kick our kids back to school), and I have already noticed that the Parisians have all changed out their wardrobes.  Seriously.  No sandals.  Lots of sweaters and scarves.  And balloon pants.  (I really don't get that one.  They look good on only 1% of the population, and even their butts look big!  I must post more on this later.)  Now it's all about ballet slippers in fall colors and boots.  Lots of really nice boots.  The weather is no different than last week mind you, but because the calendar now says September we must say goodbye to all this summer stuff.  Very sad.  

I like boots.  I usually keep them until they fall apart.  The Parisians like heels on all their shoes, boots included, but I just can't do it.  I like my feet.  So lucky me, I found the Geox store at Les Quatre Temps in La Défense.  And bought these.

I think I'm in love. 
Luckily my husband is very understanding about my need to follow the local customs.  I'm hoping that the Parisians will expect that I carry a matching bag.  


Anonymous said...

Love the boots!

3Laiki said...

Have been anxiously awaiting boot season here. The Italians are much the don't really dress for the weather, you dress for the SEASON. Wait til the furs come out! In 50 degree weather ;)

Michelle@ Simplifiy, Live, Love said...

Love the boots! I need a new pair this year... Did you get the matching bag? ;-)

StayingPositive said...

Not yet...though I AM going shopping tomorrow. I was only going to get a yoga mat and a cheapie wallet (my old one doesn't fit euros), but I may just have to wear the boots in case a bag in exactly the same color happens to jump into my hands. What are the odds, right?