Thursday, January 13, 2011

Paris? Really???

So my most wonderful darling of a Husband recently told me we were moving to Paris. I said, "Paris? Really???" Joy and fear. Elation and fear. Delight and fear. Sense a theme?

The prospect of moving across the ocean (usually we just move across the country or to some random island) with my two almost school aged children and all of our crap is starting to really freak me out. I'm starting this blog with the goal of someday looking back on these first posts and saying, "Wow. Who was that really stressed lady? I am so happy here in my tiny apartment with none of my electronics or lamps!"

Did I mention that none of us speak French?

Right now I'd like to focus on the immediate. We're flying to Paris next Wednesday to meet the Boss People, see where our acquaintances who moved there last year live, and get a general lay of the land. (Oh boy are those guys going to be surprised with how much I plan on leaning on them!) In order to do this Grandma and Grandpa are coming to watch The Boy and The Girl. You haven't met them yet, but they are SAINTS. (Yes, I did yell that last part.) They will have no problems at all as my children are perfect. (I know, starting a blog by lying isn't the greatest, but hey, they are being pretty awesome today.)

The Husband and I however are a different story. I'm not a huge fan of long plane rides, but even less of a fan of red eye flights where I am expected to function as a normal human being the same day I land. Ug. Not looking forward to that! I haven't been to Paris since I was a teenager, and The Husband has never been. I have Guide Books and Phrase Books and iPod apps that have taught me how to say, "I am allergic to MSG" in French. (And that's just about all I know how to say.) I just feel a little bit overwhelmed. We'll see how I feel as we get closer to Departure Day.

As for now, I need to go and make more ridiculously long lists to bombard our friends with.

Thanks for reading!

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