Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We're Back from Paris!

Well that was a whirlwind tour!  We took the red eye on the 19th, and except for a little bump in the road (no ticket actually issued for the Husband), we were off and running.  No real sleep on the plane, but Air France gives free wine!  Woo hoo!

We took a cab into the city, and went straight to the Hotel Le Vignon.  And off we went!  We spent the rest of the afternoon walking and walking and walking!  And eating!  And failing miserably in our very very minimal French.  We need to start studying soon!

Over the 6 days we were there we got a good education in all things pastry, wine and food, and even got an idea of where we could live and what kind of schools the kids would attend.  Information overload by all means, but the devil you know is always better than the devil you don't know.

A million thanks to the friends who hosted us for dinner, and a zillion thanks to our friends who rescued us from our second hotel that smelled worse than a marathoners running shoes.  We appreciate your hospitality.

Now off to research all the things that are going to stress me out over the next five months.

Fun fun! 

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