Saturday, January 15, 2011

When it Rains it Pours.

Your day is never going to be good when your 5 year old wakes you up at 430 and tells you he's puked.

Poor kid didn't make it to the bathroom, and wouldn't you know?  Puke ALL OVER the bedroom.  Of course The Girl is still sleeping like a champ 2 feet away, so all I could do was clean up a little and cover the offending areas with towels.

The Husband gets the gold star award for bathing The Boy and getting him settled in our bed.  He then takes everything gross downstairs to wash.  After helping The Boy puke another few times I headed downstairs to see what was taking him so long to start a load of laundry.  The dryer was broken.  REALLY?  We have 3 loads of pukey laundry and no way to do it?  COME ON!

Since we're moving to Paris we are planning on selling our home.  The washer and dryer that came with the home 3 1/2 years ago are probably as old as I am.  And while functional (until now) they are in no way can be viewed as an "asset" when selling our home.  So now it's 530 in the morning and I'm searching Sears, Bray & Scarff and HHGregg for deals.  Luckily lots are to be found, but wouldn't you know, nothing shows as actually in store, with first delivery not available until Tuesday.  No way am I going to be sitting in a laundry mat all weekend doing pukey laundry!

I go upstairs and the poor Boy is still puking every 15 minutes or so, and begging for water.  Anyone who has a kid with the pukes knows that nothing will help until the puking winds down.  It is however very hard to tell your thirsty child he can't have anything to drink.

I put The Husband to sleep next to the boy and tried to nap too.  No chance next to these men.  They both were either thrashing around or whining about something, so I got dressed and headed out the door.

It was my first of 6 trips up and down Route 7 for the day.  Construction traffic is so fun!  I was lucky and found a set of floor models with just a few dings at Bray & Scarff.  Hooray!  The best part was I could take them home in just a few hours.  Fast forward and I had set up and we had installed everything and laundry was happening again!

(I'll skip the parts where we had to haul the old ones out of the house, clean 20 years of dirt dust and cobwebs from the laundry room, bring the washer and dryer home separately in two trips, get someone to help bring the washer in as I couldn't lift it, go back to Bray & Scarff as they hadn't included a water hose, print the installation directions that weren't there, go to the hardware store for a dryer cord, go to Whole Foods for dinner and HE laundry detergent.  Oh, and let's not forget The Boy who's still puking every half hour.) 

The Boy stopped puking around 430.  He downed a glass of Gatorade, and then promptly passed out cold.  He woke up an hour later begging for dinner.  12 hours of hell (and lots and lots of Sesame Street). 

Today he's not eating as much, but is his normal happy bouncing off the walls self.  And we are A LOT poorer.

Now The Husband and I are downing Vitamin C like it's our job.  We are going to Paris in 4 days after all!  I do NOT want to be sick! 

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