Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bistro Romain

So one day after walking, a lot, we decided to pop in to a little chain place in our neighborhood to see how it was.  Bistro Romain.  They advertised a decent kids menu (steak for The Boy) so it couldn't be all that bad could it?  The adults both had a very unimpressive "César" salad with marinated chicken to start.  And my main course of grilled shrimp and scallops was well seasoned, but overcooked.  But The Husband got this carpaccio.  Very good for the price.  When he was done the waitress asked if he was finished.  We have no idea what she thought he said, but a second plate of carpaccio was placed in front of him.  BONUS.  Sure enough, it's an all you can eat kind of place, and the second plate was included in the price.  

Then one day we walked by and the place was absolutely demolished inside.  Huh?  Looks like another chain is moving in.  And it looks to be fast-ish food.  Red d'Hippo from the Hippopotamus Restaurant Group.  As far as I know their specialty is beef, not hippo.  One can hope.

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