Sunday, August 14, 2011

Man With Frog

This was a new one for me.  A man.  Riding one-handed on a bike.  Navigating through the Place de la Concorde.  Holding a giant green frog.  Really?  It was much weirder until we saw the huge county fair-esque "Fete des Tuileries" taking place just off to our left.  I wonder how much he had to spend on the "games of chance" to get that sucker?  And I have to say I can't really see a huge green frog as decor in a parisian apartment.  Perhaps he lives in the 'burbs. 
And speaking of the Fete, it is a wonderful place if you want to spend crazy amounts of money to please your children.  And should you desire, they are ready and willing to provide you with what I'm sure is very low calorie diet food:  Churros, Nutella crepes, kabobs, all sorts of ice cream, cotton candy, you get the idea.  Thank goodness we had just eaten lunch at Bugsy's or the kids would have been begging for treats.  Instead they just begged to go on the "I'm pretty sure that hasn't been properly inspected and maintained" carnival rides.  Which all seemed to have been manned (and womanned) by surly toothless people.  Hey!  Just like in the US!  They rode the carousel three times, two kinds of mini-rollercoasters, jumped on the trampolines, and they were planning their next few rides when the adults called it quits. The kids kept saying, "When we come back tomorrow we'll go on that ride 8 more times!"  Um no.  You two small people just burned through at least 50 euros.  Tomorrow we're feeding the ducks!

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